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Is it just me or does this October seem like it’s flooded with so many new horror movies and tv series to consume? All of the major streaming services are offering a smorgasbord of good picks, I can’t even decide what to watch for my 31 Days of Halloween Challenge. So much to watch, so few hours in the day. I say, why not give your eyes a little break, because there’s a new horror podcast in town.
Halloween Unmasked is a brand new podcast that is rapidly pumping out new episodes in advance of the upcoming new Halloween film. It’s an 8 part deep dive into Halloween (1978).
Film critic Amy Nicholson takes the listener step by step through each scene of the classic film. She dives into the making of it, and interviews a variety of guest. John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Nick Castle of course, but she also brings in a panel of horror experts. One of her guests is Dr. Anthony Tobia, a doctor of psychology at Rutgers University. He teaches a class solely on the psychological diagnoses of horror villains. The class is called REviewing mental Disorders with a Reverant Understanding of the Macabre. REDRUM for short.
This series is increadibly in depth and well researched. If you love film history, love Halloween, or just like listening to podcasts while you do the dishes, I  recommend this one enough.
Halloween Unmasked is available through www.theringer.com or most podcast streaming services.
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