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              You know how sometimes you’ll hear a new word or phrase and then it pops up everywhere for awhile? How about when you lose something and that thing is all you can think about? How about when you mention a franchise that has laid dormant for over a decade while recording a podcast and then you wake up the next day to a writing sample that discusses the possibility of a reboot of that series? That last one happened to me. Today. Shout out to our future team member, Dagny! Enjoy your vacation!
                So, with permission, I decided to take that sample, do some research, and run with it. So, here we are. So far we know that Jordan Peele is in talks to produce, through Monkeypaw Productions, a remake of the beloved Candyman. We don’t know if he’ll also direct it (fingers crossed), when it will happen, if it will happen, or who will be in it.
              I feel like it is totally fine to be mildly excited about this new development.  Candymanwas bad ass and even the direct to video sequels were solid. Jordan Peele has shown himself to be a more than capable filmmaker and is obviously as comfortable with horror as he is with being fucking hilarious. Giving the slasher a makeover with some modern effects would be cool. While I think this is great news, I definitely have some concerns.
Oh, by the way, real quick, I just wanted to let everyone who is pissed about this (or any remake) know that remaking a movie does not, in faxt, erase the original from existence. I checked. I never understood people who throw a bitch fit every time a movie gets a remake or reboot.
Now that I got that out of my system, on to the concerns I have. First and foremost, I will have a really hard time watching this movie if Tony Todd isn’t in it. I don’t mean a fucking cameo either! There is something about him that takes the mirror-dwelling killer to the next level. It could be his soulful eyes, his voice that’s like warm honey, or the way he can express murderous rage and deep sadness in a single facial expression. Holy shit. Do I have a crush on Tony Todd? Maybe. I’ll figure that out later. I’m also concerned that injecting too much modern sensibility into the film might make it fall flat. I loved Get Out, but I don’t need a “woke” slasher film. I don’t know, man. It could go either way. I do have faith that the Candyman reboot will, at the very least, be ten times better than the 2017 IT.
We’ll all just have to wait and see. In the meantime, go check out the original movie and if you’re feeling brave, all you’ve got to do is look into the mirror and say his name.



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