Ok, so maybe not from the sewers but there is some pretty big news from director Andy Muschietti and his producer/sister Barbara Muschietti. They announced, via seemingly offhanded comment, in an interview with Yahoo! Movies Thursday morning that there will be a director’s cut for “IT”. Ya know, the record-breaking movie that “no one was going to see because the original was a masterpiece and oh muh nostalgia”.  Overall, Muschietti said that there would be about fifteen extra minutes of footage.
What is going to be in that extra fifteen minutes of goodness? Possibly an extended quarry scene that spirals into hilarity. Maybe Stanley giving a speech at his Bar Mitzvah calling the adults of Derry to task. Thankfully that “special moment” the Losers Club shared in the novel will most likely never see film. What? An article on “IT” and you didn’t expect to see that mentioned? Right. Whatever dude.
After dropping that offhanded bomb, we were given some other good news concerning the franchise. First off, they are shooting for a DVD/Blu -Ray release in time for Christmas.  Forget the Grinch that Stole Christmas, we’re getting the Clown that Stole Children this year! Also, they’re already laying down the foundations for the second film and are hoping to have the younger cast some back for a couple of flashbacks. What would “IT” be without flashbacks? Am I right?
Some exciting prospects for the future came out of that same interview. Muschietti also said that he would be interested in doing an adaptation of Pet Semetary or King’s horror/sci-fi short story “The Jaunt”.  It is shaping up to be a great time to be a fan of the King. Could it be that we are set to see a new wave of King adaptations that don’t suck? As a long-time fan I truly hope so.  Before any of that gets underway, though, the Muschietti team will be working on a series based on Joe Hill’s comic book series “Locke and Key”. Joe Hill, by the way, is the pen name of Joe Hillstrom King, son of Stephen King.


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