Looks like it is finally here
​Gun Media and IllFonic are launching the physical edition of their game to Xbox One, PS4 and Steam on October 13th (or…Friday the 13th).

The price for the physical copy will be $39.99. It will be packaged with an exclusive “Bloody Jason” skin, which will be available for all playable Jasons. It will also have a free pack of clothing for each of the playable camp counselors.

Pre Order 
​Now For 
JimJam & Jonny was lucky enough to be backers for Friday the 13th The Game Kickstarter.
We got the game Thursday night before everybody.
It was definitely a rough start for Gun Media and the game but it’s expected with a game that only had a small budget and a small team. It is a fun and addictive game we love it and live stream on the weekends usually. They are thankful for everyone’s patience and for it they are sending out an update with Retro Jason, double XP which starts June 23rd and goes to June 25th. You will receive your 13,000CP at the start of that weekend as well.
To access the Retro Skin, it is a swappable skin with Jason, Part 3.
Retro Jason also comes with the classic 8 BIt music from the Nintendo game.
So be sure to update the game to get these new features.
Now go Jason kill those counselors!

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