Do you remember hearing about George Cameron Romero’s upcoming Rise of the Living Dead? Did that news excite you? Well if you answered yes to those two questions or you’re a horror fan who likes really cool shit, I’ve got some news for you. Romero has given The Deadverse a home on the World Wide Web. What is the Deadverse you ask? Well, curious hypothetical reader, it’s a bunch of really cool shit. I think the man himself explains it better on the site, “The DEADVERSE is the world we live in that started with our own big bang, otherwise known as Night of the Living Dead. As you scroll through this site and see everything that I and my band of horror misfits are working to bring to life, you will see that the Deadverse is a very cool place full of love for George A. Romero, everything he created and everything I am working to carry into the future,” but I think I summed it up nicely.
With the release of it is revealed that Rise will only be the tip of the gore-covered undead iceberg and it’s a big fucking iceberg, guys. So, we’re all pretty well aware of the existing universe that  started with Night of the Living Dead but the really exciting stuff is what is on the horizon. There will be a podcast, graphic novels, a mobile app, 360/VR elements, and a tabletop RPG that all tie into and enrich the Deadverse. There is also some kick ass merch available on the site including shirts and hoodies featuring original Rise storyboards and even some Staunton Hill shirts (fuck yeah Staunton Hill!).
The app, RPG, VR stuff, and graphic novels will serve to enrich the Deadverse while the podcast will be part production updates for other elements of the Deadverse part straight up horror podcast. There will even be a fan interview in every episode which is pretty fuckin rad in and of itself. I don’t think I’ve been this stoked about a podcast since we had Romero on the Horror Basement last year. Also, how fucking cool is it that there will be a tabletop RPG? The RPG and the mobile app, which will be a geolocation/augmented reality game (I think, go read the page) are going to allow us all to not only sit back and enjoy the Deadverse but also become part of it.
Along with laying the framework for this gargantuan undertaking there is the story of Rise that takes us from the initial idea up to what is currently going on with the film. Romero strikes me as a real no-nonsense kind of guy and that is reflected in his telling of the story. We get the good, the bad, the ugly, and most importantly, the honesty of it all and that, dear reader, goes a long way with me. I can’t wait to see all of this come to fruition.
I’m not giving you all the details, go check out and dig around for awhile. I really can’t imagine a horror fan not getting excited by the prospect of the Deadverse and all it contains. Go check out the artwork, read the updates, buy a shirt, and get ready for the Rise.

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