A New Grindhouse Slasher film Deathwoods featuring Felissa Rose, LC Holt, Jessa Flux, and more.


SYNOPSIS: Twenty years ago, a bloody tragedy occurred that now haunts the woods around a
small Tennessee town. Facts turned into ghost stories as the only survivor from that night
became nothing more than a grotesque urban legend. Now… Scott, Kyle, and a group of their
friends decide to brave the woods and put these killer myths to rest once and for all. One by one
the friends are torn apart, as they are forced to face the demons of the past.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Deathwoods is a modern slasher with elements of classic grindhouse
films. With a story and visuals that pay homage to classics we grew up with and love, the film
promises nothing less than extreme bloodshed and mayhem.

-Creator, Co-Writer, Producer: Scott Conner
-Co-Director, Co-Witer: Jake Kopronica (Watchdog, Purgatory Station, The House Among the
-Co-Director, FX Artist: Deryk Wehrley (Late Checkout, Watchdog, Zombieland: Double Tap).
-Cinematographer, Producer: Jaren J. Lewis (Crust, Watchdog, Late Checkout)
-Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Terrifier 2, New Fears Eve)
-LC Holt (You’re Next, VHS 2, Watchdog)
-Celeste Blandon (Watchdog, Phantom Fun-World)
-Anna Clary (The Mutilator 2, Late Checkout)
-Jessa Flux (Murdercise, Debbie Does Demons)
-Brandon Wall (Late Checkout, Phantom Fun World)
-Mackenzie Lee (Eye of the Catfish)
-Miles Dimitri Baker (guitarist for Ice Nine Kills)

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