New Fears Eve Feat. Felissa Rose, Dave Sheridan, Hannah Fierman New Official Poster


 New Fears Eve “The Doctor Will Slay You Now!” Huskisson is also directing New Fears Eve, which has the following synopsis: As the coming year approaches, three best friends reluctantly prepare for Hooper Industries’ annual New Year’s Eve bash. The clock ticks down and the body count rises as a psychotic murderer known as The Doctor is on the loose. This sadistic surgeon of death leaves Owensboro covered in blood as local police and FBI are forced to navigate through a maze of bodies left in his wake. Unbeknownst to the three best friends, their mandatory party is about to turn deadly when the killer sets his sights on them. December 31 becomes a party to die for when Leslie, Brian, Moses and their colleagues are trapped inside an inescapable building with a bloodthirsty madman hell bent on carving his way to midnight.

Below are some updates and the Poster:

P.J.:  New Fears Eve is currently in post-production. We’re about to send it off to be color-corrected, the sound design done and it’s being scored. The score is composed by Frank Dormani who’s doing an incredible job. It’s reminiscent of 90s slashers like Urban Legend or I Know What You Did Last Summer. It’s giving the movie a big feel and I love everything about it. We wanted to ramp up the gore on a few of the kills, of which there are over forty. We felt they could be more gruesome, therefore, we shot some additional material. 

Eric:  We’re in the grueling hurry up and wait for stages of post. While things are moving slower than we would like, they are progressing. Our one-sheet created by Austin Hinderliter has been finalized. Frank Dormani is just about finished with the score, and Josh Siegel is finishing what visual effects are needed. Once we have those two pieces completed, we must get the film to the colorist and sound designer. Our hope is, we’ll be talking to distributors early next year!

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