Another Hole in the Head Film Festival: BLIND COP 2 Returns for the First Time


Blind Cop 2 Premieres at Another Hole in the Head Film FestivalBlind Cop is Back…for the Very First TimeThe Action Packed Absurdist Comedy now Streaming Exclusively Through December 25

San Francisco, CA– Director Alec Bonk is honored to announce that San Francisco’s Another Hole in the Head Film Festival will host the World Premiere of Blind Cop 2, his debut feature. The sequel to a film that doesn’t exist, featuring Blind Cop on a roaring rampage of revenge, is now streaming exclusively through Eventive as part of Another Hole in the Head’s virtual lineup. 

Described by director/co-writer Alec Bonk as a throwback to the 80s with over-the-top humor and violence and an antidote to factory-made studio blockbusters, Blind Cop 2 follows the titular grieving blind police officer on a quest to purge the city streets or risk mass chaos breaking loose.
George Fearing headlines as Blind Cop, joined by Brandon Despain, former San Diego Chargers right guard Demingo Graham, and Isaac McKinnon as Blind Cop’s determined protege. Natalia Marty and Gaston Benitez produced Blind Cop 2.

Blind Cop 2 at Another Hole in the Head Film Festival:
Screening Virtually Through December 25th Festival & Screening Details

Blind Cop, the former beacon of justice, is consumed by grief after the mysterious death of his partner. His once-illustrious career has been shattered and reduced to drunken disorderly conduct, putting him at odds with the police force. In his investigation of a new influx of arms trafficking, Blind Cop discovers a lead that connects the illegal weapons to his partner’s death. Now Blind Cop must venture into the city’s dark underworld to continue his investigation. With the help of a bright-eyed young man who wants to follow in his footsteps, they will uncover a web of deceit and corruption that will challenge Blind Cop’s perceptions of justice and morality. The truth he seeks may not be what he expected, but he will stop at nothing to avenge his fallen partner and bring the criminals responsible to justice.

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