Deathgasm Kickstarter – 86% Funded – 4 Days to Go!


Their Kickstarter campaign for Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon is 86% funded with only 4 days left! They would absolutely love to get your support on your blogs, newsletters, email blasts, or socials to help them reach their goal. If you’ve seen the first Deathgasm you already know it’s “Metal As Fuck” Us here at Tennessee Horror News already know this will also be Metal As Fuck so please show your support to indie horror and help Deathgasm 2; Goremageddon get made!

If they hit their goal of $300k USD Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon will go into production early next year in New Zealand, with director Jason Lei Howden back at the helm with all the original cast. Plus they have Matt Heafy from Trivium and Ibaraki on board to do the score, along with cameos from GWAR, Onyx the Fortuitous, and more planned. FX legend Steven Kostanski is also on board to help with the film’s over-the-top FX needs. 

They’ve got a ton of great rewards on our Kickstarter such as a Blu-ray featuring exclusive o-card art by Matt Ryan Tobin, a 2-disc Soundtrack/score in Red Vinyl, plus Film Props, the ability to Die on Screen and so much more!

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