Sounds Signal Ghostly Disappearances in Dutch Marich’s Infernum this December 10th

West Hollywood, CA (Monday, December 9th, 2019) – Infernum is a ghost story from director Dutch Marich. To be distributed by Indican Pictures, Infernum tells the tale of a mysterious phenomenon, in which sounds portend the appearance of apparitions. Infernum, the Latin word for Hell, stars: Suziey Block (Wonder Valley), Clinton Roper Elledge (The Ride), Sarah Schoofs and Michael Barbuto. And, this horror feature will release this month, on both DVD and Digital platforms.

Infernum’s story involves haunting sounds and disappearances. In the film, Camille (Block) believes that supernatural elements have taken her parents. After hearing strange sounds that coincide with disappearances, Camille begins to uncover a strange, other-worldly event – involving sound – that helps her predict when others will be taken by evil spirits.

Indican Pictures will show Infernum on December 10th. On this date, Infernum will be available on both DVD and most, major Digital platforms, including Amazon. Very much a horror thriller, Infernum will entertain audiences later this month, after a limited theatrical screening in Nevada. All of the release details for this exciting thriller are now available for fans of indie, horror features.

The official trailer for Infernum:

The film’s official synopsis: There is a real-world phenomenon where strange, mysterious sounds ring across towns or regions heralding the arrival of something otherworldly. These haunting sounds happen across the globe and when heard, people disappear or die. Camille Williams has been hunting this phenomenon since the disappearance of her parents, now she has tracked the sound down, when all hell breaks loose…

Release Date: December 10, 2019 (Digital, DVD).

Director/writer: Dutch Marich.

Cast: Suziey Block, Clinton Roper Elledge, Sarah Schoofs, Michael Barbuto, Abby Wathen, Sarah Zinsser.

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