Hell Fest follows a group of friends out to enjoy a night of scares at a traveling haunted attraction. Natalie and her friends begin a nightmarish and murderess game of cat and mouse with a masked serial killer.

I think this story line has been in the back of most everyone’s mind at some point if you have braved any haunted attraction. This is a true fear. How easy would it be to blend into the darkness of the sets with their disorienting lights and sensor triggered jump scares all helping to promote confusion and keep your mind heightened with that sense of fear. The answer to that question is easy and The Other shows us just that.

“The Other”, a masked serial killer uses a top haunted attraction as the backdrop for his night of steady paced carnage that includes some interesting, explicit and well done kills.


The Other does a good job of using the shadows and darkness to stalk and slay this group of unlucky couples but still leaving it all a bit predictable.



A cameo by Tony Todd leads one of the girls into her almost untimely beheading which helps pick up the pace for the rest of the movie. This will defiantly have you hesitant on volunteering to be in the live show.

In Hell Fest’s finale you can almost feel the direction the movie is going in what is supposed to be a twist ending but instead taking a more stereotypical approach by the killer missing from the scene of his supposed demise.

All in all Hell Fest is a good watch with a great location. If you like slasher movies we’d recommend checking this out. It is available on physical & VOD now.

Written by Mr & Mrs JimJam

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