Child’s Play Gets a Reboot – Yeti



                 There’s no questioning that Chucky is one of the most recognizable names in horror. The murderous little shit is right up there with Jason and Michael. No last name or description needed. We all know Chucky because over the past thirty-ish years he has been a staple of the genre, even if some of the films were kind of…fucking horrible. Maybe every installment wasn’t great but a universe was built and its rules and continuity were followed. Until now. Kinda. What we have here is a real good news bad news situation. I’m going to start with the bad news and we’ll eventually work our way to the good news.
                I want to preface this by saying that I’m usually not one to get upset about reboots and remakes. I’m not some whiny pissbaby Star Wars fan who shits himself in rage anytime something gets added to a franchise. However, this is some pretty bad news. Okay, for starters none of the original minds behind the franchise are involved in the reboot. Brad Dourif, the voice of Chucky, isn’t going to be involved either. There will be more on that later, though. The reboot is being produced by MGM studios with the same team of producers as the 2018 IT remake. This seems like not the best idea. I mean, IT was okay if you overlook the shitty character design for Pennywise, the horrendous CGI, and that “true love’s kiss” bullshit. The last thing Child’s Play needs is to be injected with shit tier CGI and god help them if Chucky looks half as fucking stupid as the new Pennywise. Well at least we’ve still got a murderous possessed doll tormenting a child and his family, right? WRONG! What we’re gonna get is a group of kids faced with an otherworldly evil. So the reboot is pretty much the premise of IT but with a possessed doll, right? NOPE! Chucky is supposedly going to be a technologically advanced doll. The whole thing sounds dumb as fuck to me. Might as well just add the robot doll into the next installment of IT or pitch it to the Stranger Things folks.
                I bet you’re like “god damn, Yeti, I thought there was some good news. What the fuck?” It’s all good guys. I got you. So the reason Kirschner, Mancini, and Dourif won’t be involved in this fecal-scented remake is because they’re all busy doing something better. They’re working on a Child’s Play series that will tie into the existing franchise. They also plan to continue making films for the franchise through Universal. These little bits of information make the MGM film make a lot less sense. Who the fuck reboots an ongoing series?
With the last two installments of the franchise being solid films, I’m excited to see what the TV series will have to offer. If nothing else the series and subsequent films will be infinitely better than the MGM reboot. I could be wrong but I doubt it.


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