Trippiehippies Horror Short of The Week


Emily had always been an adventurous soul, drawn to the mysteries and excitement that the world had to offer. On a warm summer night in New Orleans, she found herself wandering through the lively streets of the French Quarter, captivated by the vibrant music and the intoxicating scent of Cajun spices.

As the night grew darker, Emily’s curiosity led her to venture down a narrow alleyway. The cobblestone path felt eerie beneath her feet, and the flickering streetlights cast long shadows that danced around her. Despite the slight chill running down her spine, she pressed on, unable to resist the allure of the unknown.

As Emily reached the end of the alley, her heart skipped a beat. A group of clowns stood huddled together, their colorful costumes contrasting against the dimly lit backdrop. Their painted faces were an enigma, a mixture of playful smiles and unsettling expressions. She couldn’t help but feel a shiver run down her spine.

The clowns noticed Emily’s presence and turned their attention towards her. Their eyes locked onto hers, and an uncomfortable silence filled the air. Emily’s mind raced with thoughts of creepy circus acts and horror movies she had watched late at night. She wasn’t sure if these clowns were friendly or posed a threat.

Summoning her courage, Emily mustered a smile and cautiously approached the group. “Hello,” she greeted, her voice filled with a mixture of apprehension and curiosity.

The clowns remained silent, their expressions unreadable. One of them, with an oversized red nose and a curly green wig, stepped forward. His voice was surprisingly gentle, breaking the tension in the air. “Well, well, what do we have here? A brave soul wandering into our realm, eh?”

Emily’s anxiety began to melt away as the clown’s words reassured her. “I couldn’t resist the allure of the unknown,” she replied, feeling a newfound sense of excitement.

The other clowns started to relax, their eerie facades transforming into expressions of amusement. They explained that they were part of a traveling circus troupe, in town to perform at a nearby venue. The group had decided to explore the city and stumbled upon the alleyway as they searched for a shortcut.

Intrigued, Emily struck up a conversation with the clowns. They shared stories of their travels, the mesmerizing performances they had witnessed, and the friendships they had formed on the road. Their passion for their craft was infectious, and Emily found herself caught up in the magic of their tales.

The night wore on, and the initial uneasiness Emily had felt vanished completely. The clowns, no longer mysterious figures, became her companions, and laughter filled the once-dreary alleyway. They performed impromptu juggling acts, silly tricks, and even shared a few insider secrets of their trade.

As dawn approached, Emily bid her newfound friends farewell, promising to attend their circus performance later that evening. The clowns waved her off, their smiles warm and genuine. With a twinkle in her eye, Emily continued her adventure through the enchanting streets of New Orleans.

That night, as she sat in the audience, watching the clowns dazzle the crowd with their acrobatics and slapstick humor, Emily realized that sometimes, the most extraordinary experiences can be found in the unlikeliest of places. The clowns she had met in that dimly lit alleyway had not only dispelled her fears but had also shown her the transformative power of stepping into the unknown. From that day forward, Emily’s love for adventure and embracing the mysteries of life grew stronger, all thanks to her chance encounter with the clowns of New Orleans.

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