Scream – Buy It on Digital March 1 and 4K/Blu-ray/DVD April 5

TWENTY-FIVE YEARS LATER, GHOSTFACE IS BACK IN THE NEW GLOBAL HIT Advertisement [the_ad id=”1180″] Buy It on Digital March 1, 2022 with To-Die-For Bonus Content! ON 4K ULTRA HD™, BLU-RAY™ & DVD APRIL 5, 2022 HOLLYWOOD, Calif.  – Hailed as “a… Continue Reading

Underrated ‘Riding the Bullet’ Chills and Provokes

Riding The Bullet Poster

Stephen King’s Riding the Bullet, a novella, is the first ebook I ever read. King released it in that format in March of 2000 when he was experimenting with early ebook formats. Back then, an ebook was essentially a secured… Continue Reading

Resurrection Is the Theme for Shudder’s ‘Creepshow’ Episode 5

The Creep From Creepshow

Of all horror tropes, none is as defining or fits as snugly into the Creepshow mold as the resurrection of the dead. The 1982 film opened with the “Father’s Day” segment, after all. It also included another revenge of the… Continue Reading