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Evil Dead Trap is available August 24, 2021
as a brand new 4K scan restoration for blu-ray
from Stephen Biro and Unearthed Films!
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A TV station employee takes a camera crew out to an abandoned factory to investigate a purported snuff film that was made there, only to end up running for her life.

Evil Dead Trap Trailer 


“Put yourself in the shoes of Japanese late night-talk show host Nami: You receive a mysterious VHS in the mail. When you pop it in and press PLAY, you are shocked to see what appears to be a genuine snuff film; Before your eyes in living video color, a helpless woman is brutally tortured and murdered. Now, what would you do if confronted with the possibility of a snuff videographer sending you mementoes in the mail? Would you (A): Immediately alert the police? Or (B): Gather a group of your TV station coworkers to trace the source of the tape, regardless of the obvious possibility of danger? Well, luckily for us, Nami chose option B, and “Evil Dead Trap” (1988) is a roller-coaster nightmare ride!”  – 80’s Horror Movies

“Evil Dead Trap is a slasher film with imagination. Before any of the Saw films were even a thought in the minds of James Wan and Leigh Whannell and the filmmakers to continue the series after them, Toshiharu Ikeda and writer, Takashi Ishii, were thinking up creative ways to trap and kill their victims.” – Repulsive Reviews

Right from the start, it’s obvious that director Toshiharu Ikeda was heavily influenced by the films of Argento, Fulci, Raimi and the early body horror of Cronenberg. Anyone who has seen their films will know what to expect: sadistic imagery, wild camerawork, and a killer that spouts meaningless existentialisms.” – Eastern Kicks


  • Audio Commentary with Director Toshiharu Ikeda and SPFX Manager Shinichi Wakasa
  • Audio Commentary by filmmaker Kurando Mitsutake (KARATE KILL, GUN WOMAN)
  • Audio Commentary with James Mudge of Eastern Kicks
  • Trappings of the Dead – Reflecting on a Japanese Cult Classic
  • Storyboards
  • Behind the Scenes Stills
  • Promotional Artwork
  • Trailer




  • ‘Evil Dead Trap’ received positive reviews from critics, with praise highlighting the film’s mixing of giallo and slasher film genres, cinematography, and special effects!
  • Special effects created by Shinichi Wakasa who would go on to a career as a monster-suit maker for several Godzilla films.
  • ‘Evil Dead Trap’ was released theatrically in Japan as ‘Shiryō no wana’ (死霊の罠) on May 14, 1988 and it was later released in Japan on VHS on September 25, 1988.
  • Classic 1988 Japanese slasher film directed by Toshiharu Ikeda (Mermaid Legend) and originally produced by Japan Home Video.

“Fun and well crafted!”  —John Condit, Dread Central

FOUR STARS [out of five]… an effective and bloody slasher.”  —Mark Dinning, Empire Magazine

FOUR STARS [out of four]… The best of contemporary J-Horror cinema… [Dario] Argento’s films are an obvious inspiration”  —Thomas and Yuko Weisser, Japanese Cinema: Essential Handbook

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