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It’s crazy times right now the world has went to shit it’s almost like the apocalypse is here. But one thing that we should try to help is small businesses. If you’re not able to yet and when the world goes back to some what of normal. We really should shop small businesses.

Like some friends of THN we call them Tent Fam Amanda & Jeremy at Southern Sun Boutique their main income was traveling the convention scene but since the world went to hell that’s not possible. They’re truly great people and work their asses off if you have a chance click here and check out their store. They offer so much cool things and they also do custom work. Shoot them a message if you want something custom!

A couple other THN friends of ours are Kristy and Phillip at Nightmare Toys. We’ve known them for a few years now and we definitely call them horror family. They recently moved from Alabama to Las Vegas and their store was almost ready when all this started so now their not able to open the doors yet. They offer a ton of Horror collectables and so much more just click here to check them out. I’m sure you’ll find something you want on there.

There are so many other small businesses out there that really could use the business so when you’re wanting to spend that stimulus check. Please choose scam businesses. They need us right now. Y’all stay same out there!


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