Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival Canceled

The Corona Virus did it again! Another festival canceled but it’s for the best. We will get through this until 2021! Stay safe everyone!! Read the official statement below.

Via Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festivals Facebook Page

“Our Official announcement. As of this evening, March 17th Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival is canceled. We have been working with the hotel and on the phone with our attorney today. We did not want to cancel the show but somethings you just can’t help. As things continue to move in a direction of social distancing to help slow Covid-19 Virus, it is with heavy hearts that the show must cancel. We know a lot of you had very positive thoughts and was pulling for us. In order to cancel any event, there is a lot of things that go into it and it’s not simple as just saying we don’t want to do it. There are a lot of contracts that have consequences and we had to cover all of that first.

So, here is what the Marriott is offering for us. With all the other events they have booked and with these that are having to cancel now, they are unable to rebook the show this year. We tried to see about other months this year but they are not offering one. The Festival will be rescheduled and we as of tonight have signed the new contract with the Marriott for APRIL 2ND-4TH 2021. As for any of you that have purchased advance tickets for the show. We are offering two things. You can have those tickets Credited for Next Year or if you want a refund please email or message us and we will process those. The same will go for our vendors and artists. We can roll your deposits or booth payments to Next Year or Refund. Please let us know.

We feel for all our fans. The Vendors, the Artists, the Celebrities and everyone that is being impacted by this. There are so many shows having to cancel and postpone. It really is a shame. We will do everything possible to rebook all the great talent that you all wanted to see this year. Be Safe and Be Well.”



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