The world ended. Then they had an election. Lection Coming Soon!!!

The world ended.
Then they had an election.

The apocalypse wasn’t loud. They forgot how to make things. They forgot how to run things. They even forgot … how to talk to each other.

Now in the aftermath, do the residents of an isolated village entrust their ruined society to the victims of its collapse? Or do they ask those who wrecked it to try to make it right again?

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Who’s in charge?  How do they even decide?

In LECTION, the new movie from writer-director David Axe, the denizens of the post-apocalypse pick
a new leader. It’s weird. It’s violent. It’s relevant.

LECTION. Vote or die.

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A film by David Axe. Starring Mike Amason, Sanethia Dresch, Bradley J. Petit & Jennifer Hill.

Coming soon.

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