AHS: 1984 ‘Final Girl’

Recap and Review *Spoilers


We finally made it to the last episode of AHS: 1984.  It was not exactly the blood bath we were all hoping for, but that’s because those silly kids foiled Margaret’s plan.  I have to say that this was the best season in a very long time.  Every story line was completed and put in a nice wrapped box with a pretty little bow on top.  I was hoping for one final blow at the very end… but before we get into that let’s see what happened on this episode ‘Final Girl’.


The episode starts off in present time with an Uber ride to Camp Redwood.  We see the camp left as is from the festival from ’89.  The new visitor turns out to be Bobby Richter, son of Mr. Jingles.  He is at the camp in hopes of finding out what happened to his dad and who has been sending him money all these years.  He meets Montana and Trevor, who freak him out when they kill themselves in front of him to prove they are ghosts.  After that they share some hugs and tears and Montana is down to help Bobby.


We get a flash back to Halloween 1989 and the massacre that never happened.  Trevor used Kajagoogoo’s tour bus to block the entrance and gave a multitude of excuses that the camp was closed, turning people away.  Margaret finds out and loses her shit and shoots poor Courtney for being the world’s worst assistant.  Margaret then speeds up in her Mercedes to confront Trevor.  Since he is on the other side of the camp lines, she shoots him three times, once in the dick for good measure and tells him he won’t be coming back before heading off herself.  Montana shows up and tries to give him a pep talk to get him to drag himself back onto private property, but he doesn’t have it in him.  Fear not, because Brooke shows up and assists Trevor so he and Montana can live, laugh, and love forever.  This simple act of kindness helped Montana turn a new leaf.  There was no more killing at the camp, and all the ghosts became a community and worked together to get rid of Margaret.


The ghost’s first plan was to lure Bruce, which was easy.  They killed him and pushed him onto public land before he died.  Ramirez was a little more difficult.  Montana told Ramirez that Billy Idol wanted a private meeting with him, in a shed.  SUCKER! Of course, he was all over it like white on rice.  All the ghosts got their frenzied stabs in, making sure he stayed at the camp so he could not go off and kill Bobby.  They kept watch 24/7 so when he resurrected, they came up with fun ways to kill him again.  This plan went well for 30 years until Chef Bartie started hitting on Chet and Ramirez got away.  Of course, he stumbles upon the cabin that Montana, Trevor and Bobby are in and eavesdrops. He barges in and takes chase.  Ramirez manages to through a knife into Bobby’s back, but the rest of the ghost come to help.  Montana tells Bobby to go to the asylum and he will get his answers.


Injured but determined, Bobby arrives at the asylum and asks to speak with the director.  Before he gets hauled off himself, he informs the orderlies that he is there to ask about Mr. Jingles.  The director overhears this.  Drum roll please… it’s Donna, running shit over there now.  She gives him the low down about his father being innocent and how Margaret was behind it all. She then tells him how Margaret almost got away with it and we get another flashback to that Halloween night.  All the ghosts showed up and surrounded Margaret’s cabin while Brooke and Donna were hiding inside.  They attempted to kill her, but Donna got knocked out for a few and Brooke was shot.  Donna upset that Brooke was dead let the ghosts in and they dragged Margaret away.  They decided to go all Fargo on her ass by setting up a woodchipper to shoot her body parts onto public land.  They chopped off her limbs and saved the head for last.  Montana going off the theory that the head stays alive for up to 30 seconds.  Bobby thanks Donna for the story and the money but Donna doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about.


So, the two of them decide to stake out the post office that the checks are being sent from.  They follow the truck home and find out it’s Brooke.  Brooke has been living the good life, nice home in Oregon, doctor for a husband and a couple of kids.  Brooke apologized and told them how Ray found her and patched her up and led her out of the camp.  Then someone called EMS from the payphone in the camp.  Brooke said she called Donna several times, but the trauma resurfaced, and she couldn’t move forward without letting the past go.  Bobby learned that Brooke had been his sugar mama all these years.  We have two final girls and finally a black woman is one of them.


Bobby is even more determined to go back to the camp but when he gets there, Margaret, who has been hiding all these years, shows up.  Margaret informed Bobby that she died before she hit the woodchipper and she was hanging around to kill him.  But Daddy shows up and kills Margaret and hugs his son.  Bobby tells his dad thanks for sacrificing his life to save him.  Margaret then kills Benjamin and declares herself the final girl.  I don’t think she understands the concept of the final girl, but nice try.  Don’t mess with family Margaret.  Grandma Livinia shows up and tells Margaret that Bobby deserves a happy ending.  All the other ghosts appear to help handle shit.


Mike and the Mechanics’ The Living Years played the season out as we see the Richter clan sending Bobby Richter off into the sunset.  This was the moment I was hoping something unexpected and catastrophic to occur.  Bobby’s death.  Sadly, it did not, and we were left with the warm and fuzzies.  But hey at least this season stayed on the AHS rails.  I really enjoyed each episode and the season as a whole.  I think the last time I felt that way was Season 1.  Hats off to everyone, actors and writers and thanks for bringing the best things about the ’80s back!


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