Devil’s Acid: One Hell of a Good Trip

Devil’s Acid follows the outlandish bedtime story a drunk father tells his kids. In the story, a rich asshole named Johnny hosts a for hot girls in an abandoned prison. While there, each of them takes the Devil’s Acid and things get kind of strange.

Psychedelics and Satan are a match made in Heaven. Or are they a match made in Hell? I mean really cool sexy Hell not Dante’s Inferno Hell. Either way, I am all about it! This flick has a little bit of everything; it brings the laughs, some good scares, solid practical effects, and a big ol psychedelic mindfuck.

My Favorite Part

Surprisingly, my favorite thing about this flick doesn’t lie with the Devil or the acid. Those are close to the top though. What really grabbed me about this film was the writing. Most of the jokes really worked. I honestly don’t remember the last time I laughed that hard at intentional humor in a movie. The overall story is really well put together as well. It takes awhile to see just how well it’s done but once it all comes together, the resolution is icing on the cake. The characters are pretty solid, too.

I have to keep it real, Johnny was my favorite character in the movie. He’s a rich, racist, misogynistic, pervert of a midget. I would call him a little person but this guy is such an asshole that he gets demoted to midget. Johnny’s only redeeming quality is how goddamned funny he is. The guy steals absolutely every scene he is in. His lack of self awareness makes him the most entertaining thing in Devil’s Acid. While Johnny may be the most entertaining thing about the movie he definitely isn’t the only one. Devil’s Acid is a really good trip.

My Least Favorite Part

My least favorite part of this movie is the set up. The whole thing with the dad and his kids just doesn’t really fit. It’s not even the fact that he’s telling this story to his kids; it just feels kind of shoehorned into the movie. I guess it made it easier to get the plot rolling but I could have done without it.

With that being said, they weren’t terrible. They all put on solid performances and their chemistry was good.  Hell, I even got a few laughs out of them. For instance, the older kid keeps interrupting to suggest different additions to the plot or to call his dad on bullshit. It’s just that it felt like cutting back to the wrap-around in an anthology but it isn’t an anthology.

Seriously though, my least favorite thing about Devil’s Acid is still pretty fucking rad. I think that speaks to the overall quality of the film.

All in All…

All in all, would I recommend Devil’s Acid? Hell yes I would! It’s fun movie with some great performances, a cool soundtrack, interesting visuals, and some damned fine writing. It’s a great addition to your Spooky Season watch list. You can currently put this movie in your eyeholes at several VOD outlets including TubiTv.

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