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The Found Footage subgenre of horror often tends to be a divisive one. While there are some true gems (Cannibal Holocaust, The Blair Witch Project, The Poughkeepie Tapes, REC, V/H/S trilogy, The Taking of Deborah Logan, Creep, etc), most are often lackluster and even downright boring (The entire Paranormal Activity franchise, The Gallows, The Devil Inside, The Last Exorcism, etc). The cheap production costs makes it an appealing format to use and an influx of these movies arrive every year.

Scooter is a new indie movie following the found footage structure by filmmaker Matthew Wohl. It stars Yoshi Zimmerman, Dondre Tuck, and Stephan Pineda. Self dubbed as “Joyride” meets “The Blair Witch Project”, “Three friends set off on a 700 mile journey on small scooters, but as their trip goes from bad to worse, the journey is the least of their problems.”

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Hoping to appeal to the younger Youtube generations, Scooter pivots its characters as online video personalities “The Three Amigoes”. The guys make videos doing dumb and challenging stuff at the request or delight of their fans. The newest adventure they are about to undertake is to ride scooters all the way from Miami to New Orleans. A few bumps in the road lead them to camp and that’s when the real terror begins.

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Scooter is a very dull snoozefest with not much happening at all until the very end. While the acting is fine, the characters are obnoxious and unlikable. Horror always has to rely on the suspension of disbelief but the actions taken by all the characters in this movie are downright head scratching. Poor plot and dialogue with no real tension makes this an avoid for most horror fans.

Lacking heavily in the horror essentials, Scooter is a dud and only for those who love Youtube reality TV. Set to release in select areas starting on September 12th.

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