Art the Clown Kills Crowdfunding Goal

I fucking loved Terrifier. Hell, most of us here at TN Horror News love the film. We’ve had Damien Leone on the podcast and we even hosted a screening of the movie at Full Moon Cineplex. We’re fans. So, we were all pretty stoked when we heard that Leone was writing a sequel and David Howard Thornton was down to come back as the killer clown.

Honestly, that was the last I had heard about it. I saw that Damien was working on some promo stuff on Instagram but didn’t pay it a bunch of attention. So, imagine my surprise when I found out that Terrifier 2 was being crowd funded on Indiegogo.

What was even more surprising is how I found out about it. I found out about it in a message from JimJam saying that it had been completely funded in less than three hours. That is fucking bonkers. Seriously! In less than three hours the team raised over 50 grand. Currently, less than 24 hours into the campaign, it sits at damn near 200% funding. Depending on when you’re reading this, it has probably surpassed that by now. The campaign still has forty days left and there’s still a ton of cool ass perks available.

This would be the third appearance of Art the Clown in a movie. He first appeared in All Hallows Eve and then again in Terrifier and now he’ll come back in the sequel. In my opinion he is a character that gets better with time. He was alright in All Hallows Eve and Terrifier was infinitely better. We can only hope that with this larger budget and the increased amount of experience, the next film will outdo Terrifier. A portion of that has been left up to us as a community.

If you want to get in on the funding and cop some sweet Terrifier 2 swag while you’re at it, just head on over and see what they’re offering.


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