Digging Up The Marrow Review

Adam Green & Will Barratt are contacted by William Dekker who claims he can prove that monsters are indeed real. 

I always tell y’all I’m no writer but few times do I feel compelled to write a review. Digging Up The Marrow is one of those movies. If y’all listen to The Horror Basement Podcast you hear how much of a fan I am of

Ariescope and Jonny likes to give me hell for that but this movie I’ve seen I believe 5 times and it never gets old. I love how it makes me feel watching it where I wasn’t even thinking about my phone or checking social media or anything.

It kept my attention the whole time and that says a lot for me as most people that know me know I have a terrible attention span and when I movie grabs my attention like this one it must be an awesome movie. It’s a documentary style movie that has like a found footage feel. It even has me feeling nervous still after seeing it multiple times ans knowing whats coming and I still jump. 


I had the headphones on while watching this with the volume maxed out and that made it so much more intense in these scenes especially when Vance throws off his mask showing Adam, Will and William what he looks like which is a terrifying site.

This part had me on the edge of my seat like OMG they’re dead then a huge monster arm reaches in grabbing William as everyone is screaming! This is where shit is hitting the fan but I won’t say anymore as I’ve probably already spoiled the movie.

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