You Can’t Beat These KILLER Chucky Deals! ?

It’s safe to say that no other bloodthirsty villain has quite mastered ancient voodoo rituals like Chucky, the overall-wearing, knife-wielding killer. After all, unlike other demonically possessed living dead dolls, Charles Lee Ray is a breathing human soul merely confined to the plastic prison walls of a Good Guy Chucky Doll.

Whether it’s the ingenious methods he uses to sever human organs, his devilish grin or his likable dirty jokes, Chucky has managed to hook horror fans for decades.

So, why not resurrect the spirit of Chucky within your home with a few collectibles that flaunt your dead-ication?

Good Guy Chucky Doll

“You know what they say, you just can’t keep a good guy down”… but you can collect a good guy doll! If you’ve been on the haunt for your very own Good Guy Chucky doll, this Trick R’ Treat studios reproduction replicates every eerie-sistable detail of your favorite possessed sociopath. 

Talking Pizza Face Chucky

If you’re the type of collector who craves a sick twist on a classic piece of memorabilia then you’ll absolutely love this dreadful action figure. After all, wouldn’t the murderous soul of a serial killer look perfect displayed on your bookshelf? 

Jack in the Box – Scarred Chucky

This Child’s Play keepsake is a spook-in-the-box, must-have for major horror collectors. Don’t let his lack of arms fool you, this Chucky relic still has the potential to do some horror-ific damage. 


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