You Can’t Beat These KILLER Chucky Deals! ?

It’s safe to say that no other bloodthirsty villain has quite mastered ancient¬†voodoo rituals like Chucky, the overall-wearing, knife-wielding killer. After all, unlike other demonically possessed¬†living dead dolls, Charles Lee Ray is a breathing human soul merely confined to the plastic prison walls of a Good Guy Chucky Doll.

Whether it’s the ingenious methods he uses to sever human organs, his devilish grin or his likable dirty jokes, Chucky has managed to hook¬†horror fans for decades.

So, why not resurrect the spirit of Chucky within your home with a few collectibles that flaunt your dead-ication?

Good Guy Chucky Doll

“You know what they say,¬†you just can’t keep a good guy down”… but you can collect a good guy doll! If you’ve been on the¬†haunt¬†for your very own Good Guy Chucky doll, this Trick R’ Treat studios reproduction replicates every eerie-sistable detail of your favorite possessed sociopath.¬†

Talking Pizza Face Chucky

If you’re the type of collector who craves a sick twist on a classic piece of memorabilia then you’ll absolutely love this dreadful action figure. After all, wouldn’t the murderous¬†soul of a serial killer look perfect displayed on your bookshelf?¬†

Jack in the Box – Scarred Chucky

This Child’s Play keepsake is a spook-in-the-box, must-have for major horror collectors. Don’t let his lack of arms fool you, this Chucky relic still has the potential to do some horror-ific¬†damage.¬†



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