Are You Afraid of the Dark? Mini Series This October


If you grew up in the 90’s you might remember a show on Saturday nights called (Are You Afraid of the Dark?) With the first episode airing on August 15, 1992 and aired until April 20, 1996. “The beloved anthology series will return this October as a brand-new miniseries and follow new members of the Midnight Society as they gather around a campfire in the woods to share scary stories. The miniseries will coincide with the upcoming  Are You Afraid of the Dark? theatrical movie from Paramount Pictures, Paramount Players’, and Nickelodeon Movies, in theaters October 2019.”

I used to watch this show as a kid with my siblings and we loved gathering around the TV on those Saturday nights with some pizza and soda and getting scared! It was fun times and can’t wait to share this with my kids this October! So tell us are you excited for more from the Midnight Society? You can already see I am seeing i’m writing about it. Let us know your thoughts. Until October y’all! 



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