These estranged horror products are out of this world ? from Nightmare Toys

When it comes to the supernatural and unexplained, horror movies play on the notion of otherworldly species and hyper-developed life forms. After all, isn’t it a little ignorant to think that humans are the only intelligent beings exploring other obits and far off galaxies?

Regardless of whether aliens are factual beings or fictional monsters, horror lovers are drawn to their insurmountable capabilities, UFO-specialties, incredible adaptability and their undying conquest to conquer and enslave mankind.

Either you feel connected to the notions of identified paranormal phenomenon, believe in a higher power or simply relish in the idea of a green, bug-eyed creature probing Earthlings in order to confirm a freaky hypothesis.

But, let’s face it, Earth’s inhabitants should always be on the lookout for strange and undiscovered things and prepare for humanity to fall to alien disclosure. While you’re at it, why not properly equip yourself for the annihilation of the human race with these fun alien inspired collector’s items from your favorite supernatural films and TV shows.

Deluxe Alien Overhead
Latex Mask Adult 

There’s no horror film franchise that can compare to the mysterious nature and frightening portrayal of otherworldly organisms than the supernatural cult classic “Alien”. Spook the science-fiction lovers in your crew with this ultimate, incredibly realistic, extraterrestrial mask.

POP Movie Moments: Stranger Things – Eleven & Demogorgon

Satisfy your demonic itch for a unique collector’s item with all the supernatural qualities. There are teeth, there’s blood and there’s a thirst for dominating power. Whether you prefer the faceless terror of an interdimensional monster or the eggo loving laboratory experiment, this “Stranger Things” keepsake has it all. 

Facehugger Phunny
by Kidrobot

This cute, little life form is the ultimate snuggle plush to prove to everyone that your enduring love for aliens exists. Possessing an embellished softness to touch, making it out-of-this-world huggable, this alien monstrosity completes any spooktacular horror collection. 


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