Extended Cut: Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees – The Complete Saga

Michael Myers Versus Jason Voorhees –
The Complete Saga


January 15, 2019 – It’s the one year anniversary of the slasher fan film that got the attention of the entire horror genre. The original three part saga had combined views of 476,000 with part three (the finale) totaling 391,000 views by itself.

In celebration, the filmmakers responsible have re-edited footage from the ground up with new scenes and scores to optimize the flow. Nearly 40 minutes in length.

Callmejeff86 Film in collaboration with Art Before Comfort is proud to bring you the World Premiere Special Extended Cut of MICHAEL MYERS VS JASON VOORHEES, The Ultimate Slasher Fan Film!

“We knew we had to have a winner from the start of writing it, and didn’t want a cliche tie.” – Jeff Payne

Extended Cut World Premiere
Michael Myers Versus Jason Voorhees The Complete Saga

Embedded Code:

Cast & Crew:

Directed by
Mason C McDonald

Story by
Jeff Payne
Dustin Miller
Mason C McDonald

Screenplay by
Mason McDonald

Edited by
Jeff Payne

John Altom as Vengeful Father

Dustin Miller as Jason Voorhees

Jeff Payne as Michael Myers

Jeff Payne as Jeff
Dustin Miller as Victim 2
Ashley Payne as Victim 3

Produced by
Mason C McDonald
Tabitha McDonald
Jeff Payne
Dustin Miller

Makeup Fx
Tabitha McDonald
Dustin Miller

Special Effects
Tabitha McDonald

Drone Work
Chris Kudera

Jeff Payne
Dustin Miller

Tabitha McDonald
Dustin Bryant
Randy Cooper

Tabitha McDonald
Karl Imhoff

Gun Audio
Uncle Dan

Still Photography
Doug Imhoff

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Extended Cut: Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees


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