The Traveler (Short Reviews for Short Films)


The Traveler is a short film that would have made my Christmas watch list had I been aware of it when I wrote the list. It focuses on Sara, a young girl that is having nightmares of a monster lurking in her home. When she tells her Uncle Randy about it, he assures her that he knows just how to get rid of the monster. He’s not wrong, either.

Okay, this one logs in at just under 11 minutes if you don’t figure in the credits so talking about the plot without spoilers in any more depth isn’t really possible. Let’s just say that it ends leaving you wanting more. You know how most of the time shorts are there as a proof of concept for a feature? I really hope that’s the case here. Seriously, this needs to be about an hour and half longer. I need more.

In fact, the only gripe I have about this movie is that it isn’t a feature. The story is interesting, the characters are good, the performances are rock solid, and the cinematography is simply beautiful At this point, the real question is why nobody has dumped a ton of money on Dieter Spears and told him to do his thing.

Not only am I going to recommend this short to you, I’m going to give you the link to go watch it yourself! You’re. Fucking. Welcome. It may be a few days after Christmas but this horror story set in the holiday season is sure to pique your interest.

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