The Doctors: Villains!

                This one is for the Whovians of the audience. The Doctors: Villains!  Is the definitive interview collection of the Doctor’s fiendish foes. It is five hours of in-depth interviews that will bring new insight into some of the villains that the Doctor has faced in the long run of the series.

                There are times when taking a peak behind the curtain can really ruin your perception of a show or movie. This is not one of them. The interviews in this collection are interesting not only for those who may already be fans of the series; they can bring a little more understanding to those who are unfamiliar with the Doctor and his struggles to keep the universe intact.

                I’m going to level with you, I am the latter type. I think I’ve watched three episodes of the show over the years and I didn’t hate it but it wasn’t my cup of tea. However, I have a close friend who is absolutely over the moon about the show. So, I got the DVDs, invited them over and we watched the interviews. It was pretty awesome.

                I feel like really getting into the meat of the interviews would spoil the whole point of checking this out but I will tell you this: my Whovian pal was enthralled and I was pretty interested too. There’s a few chuckles, and a ton of interesting talk. Thankfully, I had a translator on site to help me make sense of the bits I didn’t get.

                All in all, would I recommend this? I would recommend it to fans of Doctor Who for sure! I don’t think anyone else would be super into it but that’s not who it’s made for. If you’ve got a Whovian in your life or are one yourself I totally suggest you check this out. It’s actually part of a series of documentaries  including one on the monsters of Dr. Who and one on the Sylvester McCoy years of the series. Go check them out if you’re looking to dig a little deeper into that universe.


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