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We know that you probably killed it this Christmas — shredding your holiday wrapping paper like a pro and absolutely demolishing your feast. Now that the hype of the holiday season is finally over, it’s time for us to slash our prices and bury our 2018 product inventory by giving you the most gruesome end of the year discount. Unbox an exclusive 15% that you can put towards new, otherworldly home decor, aromatic boo-ty products and the most horror-ific art prints, action figures and creepy, cuddly plushies. While you’re at it, why not stock up for next year’s ghoulish festivities and fill you shopping cart full of our devilishly delightful horrornaments and bloodcurdling Christmas stockings. Now, that’s something to scream about!
Save a spine-chilling 15% on your entire order from December 26th to 31st!
Nightmare on Elm Street – Accessory Pack – Deluxe Set 

For all you Freddy Krueger fans who love to reenact horror-ific scenes from your favorite franchise movie, these accessories will help you depict some truly gruesome plot points. The deluxe set includes the Freddy worm, the Freddy TV and the iconic and gruesome Elm Street signs. 

Trick R Treat Air Freshner

If you love the spook-tacular smell of cinnamon and you adore the cute, demonic creature Sam, then this scarefreshner, among an assortment of other gruesome ghouls, is a match made in hell.

Exorcist Stylized Regan Figure 

Maybe it’s the fact that you’re absolutely memorized by this collector’s item or you’re possibly possessed with desire to own an incredibly realistic stylized doll? Whatever your reasoning is, wouldn’t Regan look absolutely grim sitting on display all while capturing the essence of true evil? 



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