My Christmas Horror Watch List

Many of us have a list of movies that we watch this time of year. For as long as I can remember, there have been a handful of movies that I HAD to watch in late December in order to make the season feel complete. Some of my favorites are Scrooged, A Christmas Story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (The animated one. None of that Jim Carrey bullshit for me, thanks.), and Ernest Saves Christmas, but over the past few years, that list has expanded to contain some Yuletide horror films. I plan on checking out a bunch of titles that I’ve missed out on like Red Christmas and the Silent Night Deadly Night but right now, these are my recommendations.



A Christmas Horror Story – This one has been part of my ritual for a couple years now. It’s a Christmas horror anthology that has a changeling, Krampus, a psycho Santa, zombie elves, and more. Just like a good Christmas morning, there’s a little something for everybody.



Ugly Sweater Party – I reviewed this recent release not long ago. I absolutely loved it. Ugly Sweater Party is a great blend of Satan, Christmas, campy effects, over the top acting, Felissa Rose, and crude humor to help cleanse your palate after those long family gatherings.



Christmas Blood (Juleblod) – I just reviewed this Norwegian Christmas horror masterpiece the a few days ago. It’s a Santa slasher and Father Christmas delivers buckets of blood and stockings full of guts and it’s as cold and dark as a winter night in northern Norway.



Treevenge – This is a fifteen minute short that you can find on Vimeo and it is awesome. It’s pretty much what you think it would be from the title and better than it has any right to be.




Krampus – An accidentally summoned holiday demon and his minions slay shitty family members. What’s not to like here? Seriously.


Gremlins –  Yeah. Me and about a million other people but any excuse to watch this flick is fine by me. What can I say? It’s a great little piece of nostalgia. Takes me back to wishing I could get Gizmo for Christmas.


It’s about to get festive as fuck over at Casa de Yeti, y’all.  What’s your favorite Christmas horror flick? Let me know in the comments.












P.S. Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie.



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