Chicken’s Blood Art Reveal

I don’t know about y’all but I have been impatiently waiting for the past couple of weeks to finally see the finished cover art for Chicken’s Blood, the eighties flavored slasher featuring a methed out killer clown. The day has finally come!

Korey Jordan made an excellent choice for an artist when he chose Simon Prichard to create the cover art for his film. A few of us saw the progress pictures of it over the past week and got pretty pumped about it. They were only a taste of the final product though. Simon was able to create something unique while at the same time harkening back to a great time for horror. This excellent blend of past and present embodies everything we currently know about the film.  So without further adieu, I give you the product of two artistic minds!


If you want to see more of Simon’s art you can check out his website, follow him on Instagram, or like his Facebook page. While you’re at it go check out the Chicken’s Blood Facebook page and follow Korey on Instgram. If, after reading all of these pieces, you’re as excited to see this movie as I am, you can get tickets for the world premier here.


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  1. Dang!!!! Better than I imagined…. so proud of your hard work Korey! Cant wait to see the movie!!

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