Screamville Haunted Attraction Review – Yeti

               Okay, let’s get the housekeeping out of the way so we can get to the real interesting stuff. I talked to Doug Cox, owner of Screamville, earlier this year at Creepycon and I’ve been pumped about seeing what he had put together out there ever since. We came out, they hooked us up with fast pass tickets and a ticket to their side attraction “Buried Alive”.  We stood by the fire for a few minutes and headed into the cornfields to see just what the buzz was about.
                Okay, first off, it’s a trail cut through a huge cornfield. Have you ever been in a cornfield at night? That shit is creepy all by itself! Tonight was a perfect night for it, too: the moon was high and covered by wispy clouds casting a silver light over the field and making kind of eerie. There was a slight breeze and a little bit of a chill in the air; it finally felt like early fall. If ever there was a good night to go out in the corn and get the hell scared out of you, this was the one.
                Overall, the scenes are really well put together and planned out. Each one is unsettling in its own way. They play subtly to those very real fears we have and really push the atmosphere up to 11. More than once I was genuinely uncomfortable. Like, yeah, the jump scares got me but there were moments where I wondered if I had accidently stumbled into some Houses October Built Blue Skeleton type shit. So my hat’s off to the actors out there. They didn’t even break character when my big half-blind ass ran into a couple of them. (Sorry y’all). Above all, the dedication and love for what they do comes through like a light through the stalks. If you can take a break from being scared, you’ve got to take in some of the details. They put some real time and thought into the show.
                I’m not going to get into all the scenes because you don’t need spoilers. I will talk about a few though but only briefly. I guess we’ll start at the beginning with the tiny church house. The “pastor” was great and really had a way of making you feel almost welcome; it’s a false sense of security and you damn well know it but he’s a great start to the walk. He set the scene and sent us on our way. At some point there’s a hospital scene that gets truly unnerving. Before you get out of there, there’s a little girl that has the best scream I’ve heard in my life. She’s a tiny scream queen and she was probably the highlight of  the hole trail for me! Also, there’s a pig-masked, chainsaw-wielding cannibal out there in the corn. Talk about intimidating. At one point you get faked out and a huge mechanical demon werewolf..thing comes out of left field. It was so effective that my haunt buddy was like “later, bitch!” and left me there to get eaten. Luckily I made it out alive. Barely.
                Let’s talk about the cool little side attraction they had, you get the full experience of being buried alive! They weren’t fixin’ to get my big ass in no casket, so I had my haunt buddy take one for the team and crawl off in there. You get in  the casket and hear the undertakers gab about whether or not there’s an afterlife. It must be one helluva bumpy road to the cemetery too because the bumps in the road can get a little jarring. Then, you’re lowered into the ground, the smell of grave dirt surrounds you and the vermin come to feed on your carcass. The last thing you hear is the sound of dirt hitting the lid of your casket. Then, if you’re lucky they’ll open the lid and let you out. If you’re not claustrophobic and want to get some practice entering  the sweet embrace of the abyss or want to see what a Thursday night in the Horror Basement is like, give it a shot! My haunt buddy said it was relaxing but she hangs out with us and we don’t do “normal.”
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