House of Forbidden Secrets – Yeti

                House of Forbidden Secrets tells the tale of Jacob Hunt who is down on his luck and lands a job as an overnight security guy. Everything is going well until he decides to sit in on a séance that brings the building’s dark past to the present. He and his companions slowly learn that the building they’re in was once a brothel where a brutal massacre took place. When the angry ghosts of murdered escorts and a pissed off priest start fucking shit up, they have to find a way to stay alive.
                Unearthed Films has a reputation of distributing some of the most depraved and disturbing content you can get your eyeballs on so I had some expectations going into this one. When the movie pretty much opens on a disemboweled corpse that comes back to life, I was sold. House of Forbidden Secrets delivers all the blood, guts, and gore that I was hoping for and then some. From face peeling and eyeball removal to a boa made of intestines, this flick packs more than enough spilled entrails to satisfy most gorehounds.
                I can hear it now, “Yeah, it’s gory but is that it?” No! That’s not all. The story is really cool. It could have just been another big ass haunted building where dumb ass white folks do a séance kind of movie, but there’s a little more to it than that. I really liked the way that the past and present stitched together to show just how fucked up things got. Turns out a priest had impregnated one of the girls and the madam was blackmailing him. So, instead of bringing her an obscene amount of money, he brought a few good ol’ boys with knives and shit. They slaughtered an entire room full of escorts and their Johns in some pretty brutal ways. I mean, I don’t really know how pissed off ghosts are made but I assume that’s a good way to start. The pacing and cinematography are both solid. There’s also a cameo by the great Lloyd Kaufman.
                All in all, would I recommend House of Forbidden Secrets? Yeah man! It was a fun watch with some good practical effects, an interesting plot, a great score by Fabio Frizzi, and some solid performances. I would definitely say find a copy of this one and check it out.


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