The Drive-in Ain’t Dead – Yeti


                 I don’t know if y’all remember or not, but back in July Shudder did a 24 hour movie marathon with Joe Bob Briggs and it was fucking awesome. It was so awesome that I wrote an article about it. Those of us who watched the broadcast all remember just how sad that last scene was, as the lights went out on the set and it felt like the sun was setting on an era. I’m getting bummed out just thinking about it. There were hopes that something would be announced at the end of the show or that Shudder would find a way to bring Joe Bob back to the masses but all we were given was silence, a little sadness, and some great movies to stream.
                That is, however, until today! Shudder and The Host of Hosts himself are teaming up again and this time they are doing it for the holidays! That’s right! This Thanksgiving evening, while your whole fam damnily is at the mall with a gut full of turkey trying to get ten bucks off a TV they can’t afford, you can be relaxing in your armchair with a nice cold Lone Star watching a movie marathon hosted by He of the Immaculate Hat. Later on, on December 21st you’ll be able to enjoy “A Very Joe Bob Christmas”.  So for those of us who dread the holiday season, we now have something to look forward to!
                Is that not enough good news for you? Really? Joe Bob Briggs making the holiday season suck less isn’t enough for you? Fine, motherfucker, I’ll do you one better. According to the interwebs, Shudder and Joe Bob are teaming up to bring us an ongoing series of awesomeness featuring everyone’s favorite Texan. How about that?!
                In all seriousness, I am glad to hear that Joe Bob will be coming back. He’s an absolute legend and has a wealth of information to share and he’s just so damned entertaining. I’m also loving these live broadcast marathons that Shudder is doing. It’s a really cool way to build that feeling of community in an age where it is so easy to become isolated. Especially around the holidays when so many people have such a hard time for one reason or another, It will be nice to have something like this to take our minds off of the hustle and bustle and connect with like minded folks be they physically there or not. We’ll be right there in the middle of it, interacting, reacting, and making stupid jokes I sure hope you’ll join us.



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