Play Friday the 13th FREE in October



Each month, the PlayStation store releases a line-up of select games available for free exclusively to PlayStation+ Members, and this October has a spooky treat available for those of us who love our horror: Friday the 13th: The Game. For the entire month of October, one of horror’s most beloved video games will be available to free to those who have a PS+ membership.
If you haven’t heard of the game, what bathroom stall at Camp Crystal Lake were you murdered in? With the option to play as a camp counselor, or as one of nine different versions of Jason Voorhees himself (Ten, actually, if you count Roy Burns from the fifth film!), you can play this game by yourself or with your friends in five different maps, all pertaining to the settings of the first five films.
In the meantime, while we wait for October to start, however, there is a different horror game that is also available to PS+ members for free up until October 2nd. Here They Lie is developed by Tangentlemen for PlayStation Virtual-Reality, and is described as a “surreal, psychological, existential horror [game],” with a “psychological nature and focus on narrative,” for an altogether “mind-bending, first-person experience intended to take root in your psyche and fester long after its conclusion.”
            Whether you play as one of the 14 choices of counselors, one of the 10 versions of Jason, or as Tommy Jarvis, who is the only character in the game capable of killing Jason, it’s sure to be a hauntingly fun October for those with PS+ memberships. My only question is when is Mrs. Voorhees going to be a choice character? Mother knows best, after all…


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