Little Deaths – Lilly


A twisted and sexy little gem neatly packaged into three short stories, Little Deaths is definitely not for the faint of heart. Totally unique in its approach and filled with sick and fucked up story lines, this horror anthology leaves it’s viewers feeling a little violated!
House and Home, The first story out of three, builds its setting around a Jesus freak couple who looks for homeless women to “feed” and give shelter. When inviting a young homeless girl named Sorrow into their home, The Gulls receive a little more than they bargained for in returned of their “good Samaritan” act.
Mutant Tool, The most trippy of the three, revolves around a recovering addict and prostitute seeking help for her urges to relapse. In her search for help, she is prescribed a new experimental drug. Shortly after her first dose, she realizes that this drug has some unpleasant and life changing side effects.
Bitch, is by far the most fucked up of the three. This story revolves around a sad lad in love with his cruel girlfriend. He craves a connection, but the only way his partner can get off is by sexually degrading him. Gutted, mortified, and vengeful; he finally decides to flip the script and turn her worst fears into reality.
As a lover of erotic horror, I was absolutely enthralled to see someone take a go at the genre for the first time in a while. This flick definitely keeps you at the edge of your seat, waiting to find out what kind of sick shit is going to happen next.
I rate this fim a 8/10 for creativity, and a 7/10 overall. Check it out if you love the conflicted feeling of being aroused and repulsed at the same time.


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