Hill House, Not Sane; A First Glimpse at Netflix’s new Horror Series – Ellie Lu




As October gets closer and closer, the love of horror and all things macabre becomes more and more present in the collective mind of society, especially for people unlike us who don’t view the darker of media to be a year-round interest. This presence is prominent in Netflix’s new series set to be released. After covering the trailer for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina last week, Netflix has dropped another horror series trailer for us to get excited over: The Haunting of Hill House.
            The Haunting of Hill House is the newest project from horror director Mike Flanagan, who’s work we’ve seen with Hush, Oculus, and Gerald’s Game, and it’s 10-episode season is set to be released on October 12th. While not directly based on Shirley Jackson’s gothic horror novel from 1959, the series is a modern reimagining of the National Book Award finalist.
            This new storyline for Hill House centers around the Crain Family’s five children who grew up in the infamous haunted house and are brought back together in the wake of a tragedy: the suicide of their youngest sister. Cast lists as well as the trailer itself suggest that the series will, at least in part, have flash backs and take place during multiple times, with multiple actors cast as both child and adult portrayals of the same characters.
Beyond this though, there’s not much information about the storyline of the series, and one can only speculate since we know for a fact that it won’t follow the premise of the original novel. We won’t find out for sure until October 12thwhen season one of The Haunting of Hill House is released on Netflix.


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