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            Heartlessputs a modern spin on Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Telltale Heart” and follows Shelby as she does what she has to do to climb the corporate latter. She’s an underappreciated associate with a total bitch of a supervisor and her bosses can best be described as business bros. That’s okay, though, because Shelby has what it takes. She’s got a can-do attitude, relevant skills, a winning smile, and her bitch supervisor’s ghost haunting her.
            I’m one of those sick assholes who will pick which character I want to see die within the first couple minutes of the film. It was not hard to do with Heartless. Sure, Shelby cuts someone’s throat with a coffee mug and punctuates her presentation with a pen to a business bro’s eyeball but she remains the protagonist. That’s how shitty everyone else in this film is. Like, not the acting, the acting is good. The characters are just a bunch of cunts. I think it really speaks to the acting talent in this film that I hated everyone except Shelby by the time it was done.
                The single kill in this film is really nice. I’m sure anyone who has ever dealt with a bitchy coworker while sipping a cup of joe has wondered what it would be like to use said cup as a knuckle duster and split said coworker’s shit.  It looked pretty satisfying. So did the amount of blood that spilled out of the gash in Businessbitch’s neck area courtesy of the broken mug. Seriously, though, watching Shelby bring an office full of assholes to heal with a smile on her face is makes this short well worth watching.
                All in all, would I recommend this flim? Yeah man, even if you’re not a big fan of Poe it’s a really well done film that includes some good effects, solid performances by a great cast, and shows that sometimes you have to go that extra mile to get ahead. You can follow this movie on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on where it is screening and so forth. It will be available online after it makes its way through the film festivals but if it comes close to you, I suggest going to see it.



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