The Short Films of Andrew J.D. Robinson

              Hey everybody!  So, we get a ton of stuff submitted to review and sometimes it gets lost in the mix. We actually got a link to this playlist of short films a long ass time ago and I just now saw it. So, I am going to review all of the shorts right here! On top of that, there’s a Candle Cove short! I’m excited! Are you excited? Well you should be! Unlike everything else I review, I’m not gonna just tell you about it, I’m giving you links so you can go watch them yourself! You can check out the first three films on a playlist here. The others will be linked below.  Prepare yourselves for a bunch of Short Reviews for Short Films!!!
Sightings –  This short is two minutes of tension and despair and I can dig it. The acting is pretty solid and so are the visuals. I’m thinking it’s an alien abduction story but without the hokey aliens. It’s all focused on a couple of people who have lost someone to the big headed bastards in the sky. Definitely worth the watch.
A Walk Home Alone – This short is just dark. It opens with a radio report talking about an active serial killer in the area and ends with the same reporter pretty much letting you know how things turned out. In between the radio reports is some solid acting, some pretty heavy conversation, and a good dose of tension. My favorite part, though, was the grainy black and white in which this was shot. I love black and white photos and film. There’s something about watching emotions on someone’s face in black and white that you lose when color is involved. This is definitely worth watching.
Placebo – Good lord, this one is extra dark. It really has something to say, too, I think. It seems like a commentary on how we’re all striving to be that picture perfect version of ourselves that we show everyone else. No matter how much we change the outside we will forever be who we are and that’s it. It’s surreal and dark, definitely check this one out!
Something Scary – Yes! Just fucking yes! A little haunted gaming creepypasta vibe mixed with an annoying ass YouTube gamer who is definitely about to buy the farm. I’ll take it! The atmosphere on this one is thick as brick mix and the acting is solid as well. The premise is that a gamer is live streaming a new horror game that turns out to be haunted and it’s shot like you’re watching the stream. I can dig it. It’s a couple minutes long and totally worth checking out. This one isn’t in the playlist so go check it out here.
Candle Cove – I fucking love this! I’ve mentioned a few times that I really dig on some good creepypastas and Candle Cove is an absolute classic. If you’re familiar with the story you’ll dig this. It’s only a couple minutes long but I feel like it captured the spirit of the original story really well. If not, it probably won’t make a helluva lot of sense to you. I suggest you go read the story or listen to the narration and then check this short out. You’ll dig it.



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