Chicago Rot Review – Yeti


                After years in prison, Les – better known in the streets of Chicago as The Ghoul, once again tastes freedom and continues his hunt for the bastard who murdered his mother and took his soul. The poster for Chicago Rot promises a “Brute Force Tragedy” and it delivers. This movie is like a Shakespearian tragedy dropped a fat dose of acid and watched Mad Max. It’s gory, futuristic, fantastical, and damned interesting.
                I said a couple of things while watching Chicago Rot that I think really help sum up how I felt about it. First, I texted JimJam and said, “Bro if I knew how fucking weird this movie was I would have watched it WAY sooner.” After that I commented aloud that it was kind of like taking LSD for the first time: about the time you think you have everything figured out and you totally understand what’s happening it laughs and says, “Oh no, you silly bitch, we’re just getting started”. Both of these happened before the weirdness hit its full stride. The first trip comparison stands though. Shit got progressively stranger, things actually started to make sense, I learned that all things are interconnected pieces of an endless cycle, the end was enigmatic and sedate, and I came away wanting to do it all again.
                Visually, this film is really interesting. It’s a little gritty, a little dark, kinda futuristic, and overall attractive. To juxtapose the gore, or which there is plenty and we’ll get to that, there are some really beautiful shots. I can’t even discuss my favorite scene without giving away a big plot point but let’s just say there’s a piano, there’s ragged breathing, and some of the best cinematography I’ve seen in awhile. The practical effects in Chicago Rot are ridiculously good. The CGI is meh in a couple places but it works, also it would have to be some Pizar level shit to stand up to the practical effects. Most of it is really good, though and overall the whole film is just cool as hell to look at.
                Chicago Rot isn’t just a pretty face, though. The story is interesting, the acting is pretty solid, and the soundtrack is amazing. The way the music is handled in this film is super interesting too. From concert shots to a woman playing a piano in the back of a pickup truck to futuristic interdimensional wizard bands, the music is very much a part of the action. Like a musical, but like…not? It was a really cool artistic choice is what I’m getting at.
                All in all, would I recommend this movie? Shit yeah I would! I’m upset that I’m just now seeing it! It is currently available through a ton of streaming services including YouTube, Amazon, Vudu, and iTunes. Go check it out!


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