Bad Nun Review – Fatal Follower

*Summary Review*

        Synopsis- Aesha (Becca Hirani) goes to stay at an isolated former convent turned bed and breakfast in Kent for some much needed relaxation. Aesha is visited by a nun (Cassandra French) at the door who progressively begins to show her true colours as the night unfolds. As the nun continues to bother Aesha, the latter begins to question her surroundings…

        Let the Nun knockoffs begin! ITN Distribution is essentially the new Asylum Films. Every time a popular theme for a horror or sci-fi movie comes out, they release these indie knockoffs to appeal to what’s current…and let me first start by saying, this is another one that had a little bit of promise, but ultimately fell flat.

        The setup was intriguing, it seemed instead of the supernatural route, this went in more of a slasher route…but then not really, as it then becomes home invasion. The promise was the first 40 minutes, where we are treated to a rather creepy beginning with a girl talking to a guy over a Tindr app, only to be lured to a desolate house to get stabbed at the hands of a nun with a blackout mask. During the credits you are privy to a video of a boy being punished by a nun, so 2+2= predictable killer is a guy dressed as nun. Where could this go wrong?

        After we meet our lead, she arrives at the bed & breakfast of a caretaker who could only be the killer nun, I mean it’s obvious. But, it still could have kept some stalky-slashness! But no it didn’t.

        So after some knocks on the door by the nun, and one killing, the movie turns into a When a Stranger Calls flick via a pushy nun at the door. Which is fine, but then with 35 minutes remaining, the killer is revealed to be, you guessed it-> the caretaker, and he chases the two gals around the house in a very silly way. Minor complaint, he should have kept the mask on at least for awhile longer as it just worked better. 

        Needless to say, there is quit a bit of stalk and chase, with him smiling under the nun outfit and trying to get stabby. I guess it could have been ok, he just wasn’t a good actor, he’’s no Anthony Perkins lets just say.

         And as the movie winds down to a final girl fight off with psycho wearing a nun outfit, it ends with him being somewhat locked in the old church screaming as she lays on the ground with a neck wound on the phone with the cops. End. It really wasn’t much to it, but if you must give it a go, you might dig it.

A very meh 5/10


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