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Wolfcop is one of those movies people seem to either love or hate. Most love it because it’s a fun sigh of relief in a weary, oversaturated genre. Some hate it because….well, they’re probably assholes and haven’t even given it a chance. I know this because I was one of said assholes. After being four years late to the party, I finally gave it a watch and was blown away. It has that Goldilocks just right mixture of practical fx horror, degenerate crude comedy and utter campiness that no B horror movie fan can resist. What started as writer & director Lowell Dean’s braingasm then took the shape of a trailer in order to sell the concept and overall style of Wolfcop. Filmed furiously over two days for less money than you could probably find under your couch cushions, Dean and his team of misfit geniuses NAILED it. With that a grassroots social media campaign began and made Wolcop the first film chosen for production by the CineCoup Film Accelerator. This wasn’t just a movie made with heart by cast and crew alike, but by a rabid fanbase as well. Everyone wanted the same thing……to see what kind of crazy shit they could come up with.
Wolfcop 2014
With the first installment we’re introduced to our soon to be favorite booze hound antihero, Lou Garou. His very namesake derived from the French term loup garou….or werewolf. Lou, played masterfully by Leo Fafard, is the permanently plastered sheriff’s deputy of some frozen yankee shithole (actually Canada, sorry eh). In between barstool whiskey naps, Lou investigates some purported claims of occult shenanigans in the woods. He wakes the next morning hungover as usual with no memory of the sacrificial ceremony the night before. I mean we’ve all woke up with a pentagram carved into our chest at some point, right?
 I really liked this take on the werewolf curse. It’s not your stale “I done got bit” storyline, but rather a beast forged in a bastion of blood by…..dramatic pause…..hooded, shape-shifting reptilian overlords. This is a film that doesn’t allow itself to be taken too seriously nor be confined by traditional werewolf movie lore, but rather takes a spin not yet explored. For example, we’ve all seen countless incarnations of the werewolf transformation. The most idyllic begin with the pronunciation of the canines or the overly hairy hand growing razor blades for fingernails, etc. True to the spirit of the movie, our first glimpse isn’t a fang or claw….but a dick. That’s right….fully uncut, uncensored wolf hog. Not what you were expecting? Well buckle up because you’ll see everything from shape shifting occultist toads to werewolf prison sex to a guy running around with his face ripped off (best part, I laughed so hard I snot bubble cried).
With his newly found sharpened senses, werewolf cunning and a blood alcohol level that could kill a small elephant, Officer Lou Garou is on the case. Ready to pound whiskey, kick ass and get to the bottom of the sinister small town conspiracy that transformed him.
Another Wolfcop 2017
“There are things in this life that can’t be unseen
…..some of them are in this movie”
Lowell Dean continues with his “what’s the craziest thing we could do” movie magic and somehow creates a sequel that does what very few can by surpassing the original. The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight and now….Another Wolfcop.
We find ourselves back in the shit show town of Woodhaven where evil mastermind Sydney Swallows is plotting a diabolical shapeshifter takeover of the town, this time leading to ultimate world domination. His plan is to take over the local brewery and use the town’s folk as birthing chambers by impregnating them with some sort of weird shapeshifter jizz beer. Armed with mad scientists, androgynous henchmen and cyborg hitmen, even our favorite alcoholic werewolf is no match for Swallows. This time he’s going to need backup. Reprising their roles from the first film are Jonathan Cherry as the hilarious tin foil hat wearing Willie and Amy Matysio as the always stern Sergeant Tina Walsh. Both inject the film with a dialogue and humor similar to the first but times a thousand. Everything about this film is times a thousand; the gore, the humor and the over the top campiness. A welcome addition to the Scooby gang is Willie’s sister, Kat (played by the ridiculously gorgeous Sara Miller) an eccentric healer, alien investigator and also a werecat.
There’s not much in this film that doesn’t hit your frontal lobe like a ball peen hammer. Alien anal probing, stripclub robot brawls and a penis shaped Kuato from Total Recall that comes out of Willie’s stomach and talks to him. The sex scene with Willie’s naughty werecat sister is possibly the funniest and also most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. I could keep going but this is a movie that needs to be experienced rather than read about. I highly recommend the Wolfcop Wolfpack 2 film collection. It has everything this franchise has to offer with a slew of bonus features and will be the best twelve bucks you’ll ever spend.

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Another WolfCop Trailer 

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