Ruin Me – Yeti

                Ruin Me follows Alexandra as she reluctantly tags along with her boyfriend, Nathan, to the “ultimate horror movie experience”, Slasher SleepOut. It’s the bastard child of a haunted house, a camping trip, and an escape room. The couple meets up with their mixed bag of horror fanatics and starts their journey.  The thing is, Nathan is kind of a pussy and Alexandra doesn’t even like horror movies. It doesn’t take long for the shit to hit the fan and when it does, it hits hard. Alexandra is forced to live her own horror movie whether she likes it or not.
                There was a lot to like about this one. The pacing was good, the dialog was strong, the exposition was handled well, and the cast gave great performances across the board. The important characters are fleshed out and you are given all you need to know about the others as well. The whole thing is just really well written; Ruin Me was able to be self aware about some of the classic tropes and use them to craft a film that felt fresh.
                Some more minor characters that I think bare talking about are Pitch and Marina. They’re a couple who are veterans of experiences like Slasher SleepOut and into BDSM. Some really great dialog comes from them. Marina has a cool conversation with Alexandra about polyamory. I thought it was cool that they took a kind of honest look at it instead of being like “we like to fuck a lot lol”. Props for that. Also, Pitch makes some solid commentary about the kind of folks who enjoy horror movies. He then manages to ruin it and make it more poignant by being a total dickhole. Being a raging dickhole is kind of Pitch’s thing. They aren’t super crucial to the plot, but I felt like it was worth mentioning.
                Ruin Me is hard to talk about in any depth without giving away spoilers. This has more twists and turns than a sidewinder with scoliosis There is one twist that I feel like I can talk about a little bit without ruining the experience for anyone. I’m going to level with you; I saw part of the trailer for this flick between movies while watching The Last Drive-in last week. So basically, I saw it for a couple seconds before I got up to get another drink and what I did see I saw through the fog of intoxication. So, you can kind of understand why I went into this one looking for something that was kind of funny and a little campy. That’s exactly what I got until shit took a hard left turn. This movie gets dark fast. The sudden change in tone is just the beginning and things just keep getting darker.
                All in all, would I recommend this movie? Yeah. Probably. I watched it with a friend who has some pretty serious PTSD from an abusive relationship. When the movie gets dark there are a few heavy scenes that might mindfuck you if you’ve been through an abusive relationship. Other than that, though? Hell yeah I would recommend it! I enjoyed the shit out of Ruin Me. It’s a well crafted psychological thriller combined with a solid slasher flick which is a killer combination. Ruin Me is a Shudder exclusive and another reason why it is totally worth the subscription price. Go check it out!
              Check our the trailer for Ruin Me here.


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