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             Five twenty somethings go on a weekend trip a remote national forest and meet a mysterious man from a neighboring campsite. Over beers and a fire the man tells them that they’re camping in the area where a group of young people was brutally beheaded seven years ago. Bad shit starts to happen, people lose their heads, and it’s up to the remaining campers to uncover the conspiracy behind the murders and stop it. Also, they’re all puppets.

            That’s right, Head is a horror comedy slasher but the cast is made up completely of puppets. There isn’t an actual human in site and it’s fucking great. There’s no stupid puppet puns, no fourth wall breaks, none of the super goofy shit you’d expect from a horror comedy with puppets. It is actually a little more serious than a lot of slasher spoofs I’ve seen lately. I really can’t find a complaint with this film but the real star was the practical effects. Decapitated puppets spurting blood from their neck stumps is something I never thought I would see in a movie. I definitely never expected that it would be done well. I tell ya, this movie surprises you with more than just the plot twists.

            I saw the press release for this movie and got pretty excited about it but I really went into it expecting it to be the goofiest shit I ‘d ever watched. That’s not what I got. I mean sure. It’s hilarious to watch puppets get high around a campfire and puppet sex scenes are always good for a laugh but this is a genuinely enjoyable flick and not just an hour long gimmick.

            All in all, would I recommend this movie? Absofuckinglutely. It’s well written, hilarious, bloody, and just an overall damn good time. It’s got better puppet sex than Team America and a better plot and practical effects than some super serious horror movies I’ve watched in the past few months. It’s the best movie featuring puppets since Muppet Treasure Island, y’all.  It’s coming to VOD outlets July 13th,  if you miss out on Head you’ll definitely regret it. I promise you, this movie won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. 

Check out the trailer here.


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