My last Saturday night entailed a much-anticipated visit to one of the most haunted locations in the U.S.: Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Louisville, Ky. Famous tv ghost hunting groups such as Ghost Hunters and Ghpst Adventures are just a few of many that have visited multiple times and had experiences. I was lucky enough to jump in on an event (the place stays booked pretty heavily and closes down in the winter months due to the excessively cold weather) that a few of my favorite paranormal podcasts were hosting (huge shoutout to Hillbilly Horror Stories!). There were literally so many people that had bought tickets that the paranormal tours had to be split into two different time slots, and my group was rather large in its own right. Nonetheless, our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and regardless of the size of the group, we all encountered paranormal presences that none of us could ever forget. Upon the initial start of the tour, we toured the basement area of the building where the body chute and supposed demonic entity was located, although we didn’t venture down far enough to meet it. I’m seriously ok with that. Lol. After seeing that creepy, steep area that led downwards 570 feet, we turned and ventured the other way towards the main stair case for that floor. Just before going upstairs, after feeling a presence near me, I snapped a picture to my right and caught what looks like a full-body apparition of what looks to be a woman with short dark hair, turned to the side, wearing a white hospital gown. (Picture below). One of the most memorable locations was the fourth floor where we stood halfway down a hallway from a room with a closed door that had light peering inside from an exterior light so that you could barely see anything but a small ball of light. 
Constantly, shadow figures kept walking back and forth, blocking that light out. We also had a few brave souls (too brave imo.. we’re dealing with shadow figures here, people! Lol) walk down to that door, look in, walk halfway back to us and reach their arms out as if trying to touch the wall on each side, but having a clearly large amount of space. At one point, it looked as if one of the person’s arms were extending out with black shadows as if to touch the walls on each side. Something reminiscent of the beginning alleyway scene of Freddy Krueger in Nightmare On Elm Street-no shit. The fifth floor is also well-known for creepy activity. So the story goes, a nurse had possibly been having an affair with a married doctor, had gotten pregnant (they found the baby later, deceased, outside), and had contracted Tuberculosis. The nurse was found outside of room 502 (a bathroom) hanging from a light fixture. No one really knows why she committed suicide or is she even did, as it could have been a cover up for the doctor. Both tours that night stopped in front of room 502 and absolutely no one on either tour stood in the spot where she hung herself. We all thought she had died inside room 502, so that was very, very creepy. Room 502 had a very ominous feeling to it and needless to say, I investigated and got the hell out. (Pictures below). Throughout the tour we heard a few slamming doors and such that we couldn’t explain. In completion, I really didn’t feel like 2 hours was enough for myself,personally, to really catch a boatload of activity that I know is there…. but it’s a really great tour to catch if it’s your first time there and you might be a little nervous and the price was very affordable at $25.00. Next time I’ll definitely sign up for an overnight tour in hopes to catch more activity on my spirit box and via video. 
-Bre (@Embalmist)

For background history on the building and more paranormal info on what happened that night, check out my friends at www.hillbillyhorrorstories.com


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