The worst thing about summer is waiting on fall to come so all the good Halloween themed things can start happening. Sure, barbecue and beers are great but they’ve got nothing on the spooks and scares that can be had when the wind turns chill and everything starts to die. If you’re lucky you can find a way to get your fix somewhere during the sweltering months before the best season of the year.
Luckily for us in East Tennessee, there is a series of events called “Movies under the Stars” put on by the folks at Central Cinema and Ijam’s Nature Center.  They’re offering outdoor screenings of classic movies in a super nice setting. There will be food trucks, a beer garden, and the tickets are really reasonable.  While not all of the movies they’ll be showing are horror they’re all worth checking out. Where else are you going to get a chance to catch “The Dark Crystal”, “E.T.”, and “Hook” on the big screen this summer? That’s what I thought. As for the horror offerings, they’re screening “Cabin Fever”, “Severance”, and “Pet Sematary”.   There’s a lot more going on with those first two flicks but you’re gonna have to go check out the Central Cinema Facebook page ( and check it out. All I’ll say is they’re partnering with FrightWorks and it’s gonna be dope.

    Go check out that Facebook page for scheduling on these, there’s plenty of time to plan and tickets are cheap so there’s no reason not to head out and watch some classic movies under the stars.


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