Recently, I decided to take an impromptu vacation to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg Tennessee in search of all things paranormal and horror-genre related. After visiting Castle of Chaos and Zombie Outbreak attractions last year (both owned by Hollywood Wax Entertainment) and having one hell of a good time, I chose to check out their wax museum just for shits and giggles. I went in expecting the typical wax museum… a few figures of well-known movie actors/actresses and nothing really horror-related. First off, the museum is huge, not to mention there were literally a ton of different wax figures. I couldn’t count them all. On the second floor, I was completely shocked to find that they had an entire ‘Chamber of Horrors’ section filled with insanely realistic-looking wax figures from horror movies from classics, to slashers, as well as sci-fi horror. On the third floor, (if you buy the all access pass) you can access the top of the building, which is a lookout of Pigeon Forge and has a massive King Kong statue attached to it. For the price, the Hollywood Wax Museum is worth every penny (the horror chamber made it worth it for me, haha) of its cost of admission. It’s definitely an attraction one can spend many fun-filled hours within taking pictures. 


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