Hey Did You Hear About By Yeti

I did one of these about a month ago and said it would be a weekly thing. Shortly thereafter, all Hell broke loose which really put a damper on my ability to do all of the things. Hopefully now that I’ve got shit mostly lined out I can make these an actual regular thing. You didn’t come here to listen to me bitch and make empty promises though, so let’s jump right into the good shit!

Hey did you hear about “Fangoria” coming back? That’s right after over two years in the grave, the genre staple is returning in print. From what I’ve read around the web it will be a quarterly magazine and the first issue will be hitting shelves this fall just in time for Halloween. The magazine returns with a new Editor-in-chief and will bring back many veteran “Fangoria” employees and contributors. They will also start releasing movies and horror novels under the Fangoria brand. This fall is going to be great for horror!

Hey did you hear about the Twisted Twins doing a Cronenberg remake? I know I talked about them in the last one of these I did, and I’ll stop talking about them when they stop doing cool shit. Anyway, they are remaking “Rabid”, the film about a woman gets a revolutionary medical treatment with some strange side effects. Side effects of the treatment include minor things like a stinger under her arm that allows her to drain blood from other people, only being able to subsist on human blood, and spreading a super bad ass form of zombie rabies to the people she feeds off of; no big deal. So, the Twisted Twins are bringing this movie back, giving it a modern makeover, and plan to add more of a woman’s perspective to the narrative. “Rabid” should start shooting this spring, no word yet on a release date.

Hey did you hear about the changes coming to The Horror Basement Podcast? We are always working behind the scenes to try to make the site and podcast more entertaining for you guys and recently while brainstorming we came up with the idea of doing video teasers for reviews and other written content on the site that could be put in the podcast and posted as standalone videos. So you’ll get to see the team plugging their content and such as that if you watch the podcast. We plan to have fun with it and we’re hoping you will enjoy it. You can catch Luce in the upcoming podcast and my ugly mug will be in the next one.

I know I was late to the party on some of this stuff but hopefully you are too. The wheels are already in motion for the next one of these though and I won’t be quite so far behind. So join me here next weekend when we’ll discuss voodoo curses, world domination, and paranormal investigation. Or none of those things. It’ll probably be none of those things. Until next time, take it easy, man.


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