So, I may have missed the bus on some cool news stories and I’m sure you’re all thinking, “This guy sucks at producing regular articles,” to which I reply “eat a dick”.  I kid! I kid! When you live the kind of life I do sometimes life just kind of happens and some things have to take a back seat. I give you my word, Dear Reader, that I am taking steps to actually produce regular content. That being said, I am currently in my underground bunker scouring the interwebs for interesting nuggets of information for you guys! So, without further adieu.. Hey, did you hear about…

    How in-demand Guillermo del Toro is right now? He has a pretty fucking impressive resume already but with his recent Oscar win with “The Shape of Water” it looks like that resume is gonna keep getting better. He has already inked a deal with Fox Searchlight that lets him create a new label under the brand for live action movies that he writes, produces, and or directs which promises to be great news for fans of the genre. Notice the interesting distinction there? Live action films. That’s because he also signed a deal with DreamWorks animation to make animated films. DreamWorks Animation has put out some great films in the past and when you combine that talent with the mind of del Toro it seems like a deal that is just too damn good to fail.

    How brutal the new “Susperia” remake is? In a time when the film world is saturated with nostalgic remakes, reboots, sequels, and so on it is hard to get excited about remakes of just about anything. The original “Susperia” has been hailed as a masterpiece and one of the most disturbing films ever and I’m sure many people are worried that the remake will cut the nuts off of the film and dumb it down for modern audiences. Here’s a little piece of news that helps to lay those worries to rest. Dakota Johnson, who plays the lead role in the film, said in an interview with “Elle” that she had to go to therapy after shooting the film. Any film that fucks up the lead bad enough for therapy is worth checking out.  According to Bloody Disgusting, post-production on the film has finished so we should see just how disturbing the “Susperia” remake is soon enough.

    The first official poster for the new “Halloween” film? When it was announced that we were getting a new Halloween film starring Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie and with Nick Castle returning as The Shape and that it would completely retcon everything but the original “Halloween” it was cause for excitement.  Today, exactly six months before the October 19th release date, the first official poster for the film was released. It is bad ass. Michael’s mask looks like it has gone through forty years of hell and it would appear that the coat hanger wound to his eyeball that Laurie gave him originally hasn’t completely healed. Sure it’s a small detail but it shows a commitment to continuity that I’m sure we can all appreciate.

    The new developments with Tennessee Horror News? Well let me tell you, Dear Reader, we have some pretty cool stuff going on here at TN Horror offices. We’re selling shirts now! Yup! Have you ever seen one of our team members rocking a fresh Tennessee Horror News shirt and wished you could get one yourself? If so then your wish has been granted! Hop on over to the merch page to get your very own, super sexy, reasonably priced, TN Horror shirt! But wait! There’s more!! Do you love fall? Are you counting the days til the leaves change, the air cools, and everything dies? Do you miss campfires? Well we have you covered! Tennessee Horror News has teamed up with Macabre Melts in order to bring you Tennessee Horror Nights candles! They deliver the scents of pumpkin and campfire with a crackling wick. Now you can have the scents of fall all year round! You think that’s all we got? Well you’re fucking WRONG!!! We have developed our own serum that turns the recently dead into highly intelligent, bulletproof, super strong, blood thirsty soldiers. Think Universal Soldier meets Night of the Living Dead. We already have about a dozen of these terrifying motherfuckers and once we have about fifty of them we plan to release them on the world…unless you wanna maybe donate to the Tennessee Horror News Patreon or buy some merch. So yeah, buy some merch, hit up the Patreon. Your financial contribution could well stop us from bringing about the end of the human race. Your move, Dear Reader, your move.


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